Slinya company culture is the concentrated embodiment of enterprise spirits, enterprise quality, enterprise values, civilized behaviors and enterprise credits. After years of development, Slinya has formed its own unique culture style.


Company Operation Philosophy

North American Technology, Manufactured in China


Company Spirit Philosophy

Dedication, Responsibility, Obedience, Honest, Cooperation


Company Objective

Consolidate and develop superior customers all over the world, and perform our best to be the first-class business partner and supplier.


Company Mission

●  Providing global customers with excellent products and technology service
●  Meet customers’ needs; Exceed customers’ expectations
●  Grow together, share together


Company Values

●  Employees are the most important assets of company
●  Quality is the first vitality of the enterprise
●  Credibility, transparent, fair competition
●  Frankness, respect, forgive
●  Trust, cooperation


Company Vision

●  Excellent sustainable EHS performance
●  Become a strong social responsible enterprise
●  Become a most reliable cooperative partner and excellent supplier

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