Slinya provide the customers with quality products, total support and considerate care, and bring them with profit and the highest satisfaction. Actions follows the sales and service synchronization policy to let the customer participate in planning, developing, testing, and mass production stages during the process of new product development. Starting with the customer’s need to provide the customer with a full set of solution, which has competitive advantage to help the customer be the leader in the market.


Service principles are to understanding proposal with listening, fulfilling commitment with actions, sending back responses with speed, and identifying value with services. Only with sincere service to care for can long-term mutually beneficial cooperation be built up.


Actions has a customer service team with strong background and comprehensive technical skills, and they all know every detail about the product they are working on. Through the complete technical service support from the product total solution project, the customer can fulfill the market needs within the shortest response time and utilize the latest technology, and thus increase customer’s competitive advantage.

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